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Complete & Accurate Appraisal Services

Jewelry, fine art, entire homes – one thing all of these goods have in common is that it is essential to know their true value. Life is often unpredictable, and you need to protect yourself. Making sure that all of your most precious items are appropriately valued and insured is a good first step.

We can help. We provide complete, accurate appraisals of a variety of goods, including entire estates, silver, jewelry, fine art, furniture, antiques, and more. Our reports are easy to understand and can easily be tailored to your particular purpose. Our goal is always to make sure that you have the most accurate valuation of your items so you can take the appropriate next steps, whatever they may be.

Appraisals We Perform

We are proud to perform the following kinds of appraisals:
  • Complete Estate: Whether you’d like an accurate value for your own estate planning process or you are wrapping up a loved one’s affairs, we can appraise an entire estate from top to bottom.
  • Insurance: Make sure your jewelry, art, gold and silver, antiques, and other items are appropriately valued for insurance purposes. We can provide you with the documentation you need to take to your insurance agent.
  • Matrimonial: When a marriage ends, it is often necessary to have an accurate value on important items for legal proceedings. We can provide neutral, fair appraisals that give both parties an accurate base to work from.
  • Residential: We can appraise homes as well as the individual items and collections that reside within them.
If you would like to make use of our appraisal services, give us a call today. We would be happy to work with you and provide the reports and documentation you need.
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